I’ve worked in the HRIS industry as a consultant and practitioner for 20 years.  Have you had the following issues?

  • Trying to determine the best HR or Payroll system that’s ideal for your organization
  • Implementing and supporting a complex, global software deployment after go live
  • Setting up benefit plans system configuration for a complex population of both employees and retirees
  • Executed project and program management using Agile for US and global teams
  • Ensuring on and offshore teams work cohesively and effectively that utilizes everyone’s expert skill sets
  • Implementing reward / recognition program that’s easily utilized, effective and empowering
  • Experiencing problems with team and personal engagement
  • Ineffective processes that require a severe overhaul to create repeatable rules that can be automated for maximum efficiency
  • Confused about why your higher education or government industry experience isn’t translating to your current technology job

If you’re frustrated with your processes (or lack thereof), know your teams could be more efficient and just want to stop spending so much time doing things you don’t love, please contact me!  I know I can help!