The journey has begun…

Starting the journey of entrepreneurship has been different!  So many things I thought I knew I am now reconsidering, reassessing and starting again differently.  I’m sure they have manuals for this, but I haven’t found one that speaks personally enough to me.  I’m spending a fair amount of brain juice to capture leads, networking, figuring out next steps, taking classes and determining what’s most effective.  The way I’ve worked in the corporate world isn’t the same here and I’m only beginning to figure out the differences.

In fine tuning my niche, I’m discovering that I work well with current consultants, former consultants and people in the process of making career changes – not ironically, groups I can relate to personally!  The mid career professionals are so extremely relatable to me and navigating those next steps is exciting, invigorating and scary all at the same time!

If you’re confused, feel stuck and unsure of your next steps, please reach out to me so we can work in the arena together!  Getting out of your own way and finding help to navigate your career or next steps of your career is a challenging time so ensure you talk with someone knowledgable to make progress with what you want to do next!

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